14 January 2011


Yeaaay!!!.... pada 12/1/2011 yang lalu saya telah berjaya redeem sample Clinique 3 Steps Skin Care yang famous tu.. Tak sabar2x rasanya nak mencuba produk tu! Actually, pernah gunakan produk Clinique ni dalam tahun 2000 or 2001 (can't remember) but discontinue because its high end skin care :(

Inilah sample 3 steps skin care yang saya dapat :-

Clinique mild cleanser

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (DDML)

 Tapi apa yang frustnya.. don't expect its come in too small packaging... yela kan.. nama pun sample. 

Okla... tentu friends semua nak tahu bagaimana saya dapatkan sample ni kan? Caranya mudah saja.. Follow steps di bawah ni..

Step 1 : Visit clinique malaysia website di http://www.clinique.com.my

Step 2 : Click pada tab 'redeem a sample'.

Step 3 : Then, simply fill up the form. Make sure you enter your mobile number correctly and according to format given.

Step 4 : Wait sms from clinique.. you will receive mobile coupon (m-coupon) shortly.

Step 5 : Simply show your m-coupon to clinique beautician. Clinique beautician will consult your skin type before she give the sample...

Its easy right. ooo... one more thing. This promotion will be ended on 16 January... Get yours now.

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